October 5, 2012

Trusting the Process

An oak tree growing from an acorn. Image courtesy of WikiHow.


I am pregnant with baby number twelve and today I am four days over due. Even with all the times I've played the "waiting game," it never becomes easier. I just want to know when this baby is coming so I can adjust to the "new normal!" And yet, because I choose to give birth at home with very little intervention, I know that all I can do is wait and prepare, trusting in the Lord's timing for this baby and this birth.

Even in this day and age of convenience and instant gratitfication, I don't know anyone who can avoid waiting all the time. As far as technology has brought us, it still cannot make everything convenient or easy. For example, we may be able to buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables out of season; they may be near-perfect in appearance and size, but the seeds still had to be planted and the law of the harvest had to be obeyed. And that means waiting...


When it comes to learning, there is also a "law of the harvest." We must first plant the seeds of curiosity in the nourishing soils that will encourage growth and a love of learning. It is a difficult thing not to dig up the seeds to check and make sure they're "really growing." We have to keep watering the tender seedling, giving it plenty of sunshine-- and TIME.

Different children-- and seeds-- sprout and develop at different times. Some children learn to read immediately, with very little effort. Some struggle and work for years just to read a few words. And then there are children who are somewhere in between.

An oak tree takes many, many years to mature and bear fruit. A poplar tree can grow tall after only a few years. Both have their own kind of beauty, both will grow to bring beauty and shade to the world. But an oak tree can never be a poplar tree-- and we should never expect it to be! It must grow at its own pace, in its own time, in its own way.

Love and Trust

We must love and nurture each child at their own pace, without concerning ourselves with where the world says they "should" be. We are the stewards over our "crops." We are the gardeners that God has called to teach our children. The "experts" can never love our children or know them as we do. And even if they do love them, or are more qualified, or have more knowledge and experience, they are not the Master Gardner over our vineyards. WE ARE.

And because we have been called to labor in the vineyards of our homes, we have each been given the gifts we need to complete the work well. If the Creator of all trusts us with the raising and education of His children, shouldn't we trust ourselves? At the very least, we can trust HIM and His guidance in our lives.

So when our child is struggling in an area, do we ask the Lord for his help? Do we trust His answers when we receive them, even if the answers are "Wait," "Try again later," or "Do something different"?

The best thing we can do is to trust the natural processes that exist in our lives. Waiting on the Lord's timing may be the most difficult thing we can do right now, but He IS still in charge, He DOES have a plan, and we CAN trust in it!

The babies WILL come, the seedlings WILL sprout, our children WILL read/do-long-division/understand-fractions, and the time will pass all too quickly. What a priviledge it is to work with the Master Gardener! I want to enjoy every moment of the experience!

Rachel is the happy mother of eleven children between the ages of 18 and two years old-- and Baby #12 WAS due October 1st, 2012! Now in her thirteenth year of homeschooling, she continues to be an enthusiastic advocate for Thomas Jefferson Education principles and has spoken at several homeschool and TJEd conferences. She enjoys Shakespeare and has recently completed an entire Shakespeare curriculum for homeschoolers and homeschool groups, now available at www.yeshakespeare.com. She blogs at Thoughts From The Hearth and at Old Fashioned Motherhood .

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Dana ♥ said...

"It is a difficult thing not to dig up the seeds to check and make sure they're "really growing." We have to keep watering the tender seedling, giving it plenty of sunshine-- and TIME." Rachel I just loved this! So so true! we are on baby watch for you as well. :)

Evelyn Curtis said...

Hi Rachel!

Great post with great advice! I have been homeschooling now for about 6 months, and before I started, I began to pray very fervently for patience. I'm not a naturally patient person. I then began a scripture journal, and I started studying the topic of patience. I have learned some valuable lessons from my study. I still forget my patience more than I'd like, but I have enough to be with my children all day every day...and even teach them and nurture them! :)

Anyway, I have a great friend who has been studying natural remedies for health and the like. She suggests to rub some caster oil on your tummy, and drink 1-2 TBS. I realize you have had 11 babies, and I have only had 3. But I do understand the discomfort etc. My good friend just had a baby, and was convinced she went into labor because she did this same thing. :) Good luck!

JRoberts said...

Oh man, you just had to mention the "P" word! Patience is something I seem to learn over, and over, and over, and over. I must be really slow. :)

I am super excited for you. Good luck. I am waiting for a photo! :)

Daphne said...

Thank you, I was struggling because one daughter just wasn't getting math like her younger brother and he has passed her. I needed this reminder that she will grow and learn at her time, not others. God luck with the new little one.

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Oh! I sure hope there's a baby in your arms right now!