December 12, 2012

A Dozen Ways to Celebrate 12-12-12

The only thing better than celebrating a Holiday is celebrating a random holiday that has no expectations attached. (Like "Pi day" on March 14th- I love that one!)  Forget the holiday bustle of the season for a day and celebrate the numeric oddity, 12-12-12. After all it won’t come around again for another hundred years! 

The number twelve really is a fascinating number. I had a fun time reading more about it on wikipedia: it is the star of our clock, there are 12 months of the year, twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve apostles, twelve inches in a foot and so much more! Here are a dozen low-key ideas for celebrating 12-12-12:
  1. Introduce kids to the groovy old Sesame Street “12” song.
  2. Bring home a dozen donuts or make your own.
  3. Make a dozen cookies for a neighbor. (Try these!)
  4. Fist bump any twelve year-olds you know.
  5. Make an alien handprint picture. (Two thumbs on each hand!)
  6. Start the 12 Days of Christmas for someone. (This is a cool religious version.)
  7. Make a cupcake tin countdown to Christmas with a special note in each hole.
  8. Learn more about the Mayan calendar that ends 12/12. (Then, restock your 72 hour kit.) ;)
  9. Learn the names of the current twelve apostles.
  10. Watch the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen or read the book aloud.
  11. Every time it is 12 minutes past the hour throughout the day have the kids do something silly, like jump up and down 12 times. -- Do something really special at 12:12 pm!
  12. Make a family highlights list of the last 12 months. 
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brown eggs and jam said...

Perfect! Thank you! I was just saying to my kids "What shall we do to celebrate 12/12/12?" and then I saw this post! :)