December 17, 2012

Christmas Pass Along FHE

Today I am sharing a fun Christmas FHE project that can be passed on to others.   It is simple to make and do.   We made these at our Relief Society Christmas Social.

You’ll need -

  • a gift bag
  • a container to hold treats
  • paper to make copies
  • a folder
  • a CD & CD sleeve




You’ll need to print your Lesson Resource pages and staple them together.  I used red cardstock for the first and last page.  Pages are below for download.







Glue the CD sleeve inside the back cover of the lesson resources and insert a Christmas Music CD.  We used the music available for free download at and included hymns and songs from the Primary Children’s Songbook.







The Activity Folder (with green cardstock cover) included various activities available on the internet.  I’ll include some links for you.  This gives variety and ideas for various ages so it can be shared with multiple families.






Here are some of the activities we used.  A Paper roll nativity, a Christmas Chain and there was a FUN PAGE quiz that was great as well.  There are loads of fun things online  to choose from.




Here are some activities you might include:

There are so many options! We printed out a few options and put them in a folder for ease.

Everything fits nicely in a gift bag that can be handed to someone or left on their porch.

Christmas FHE Pass Along Book


Merry Christmas!!  Share the JOY!!

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zanobo said...

Thank you so much for sharing this cute idea. What a creative way to use free resources that the church provides in a meaningful way.

zanobo said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful Family Home Evening kit. What a creative way to use resources available on!