January 9, 2013

Free LDS Resources for Your Homeschool

Instead of trying to gather my thoughts and write a coherent  post about the super, duper science experiments we have done lately {not!} I decided to take the easy route and post links to wonderful free resources you might be able to utilize in your homeschool.

Book of Mormon Character Study Notebook pages from LDS Notebooking
New Testament Character Study Notebook pages from LDS Notebooking
Old Testament Character Study Notebook pages from LDS Notebooking 
Latter-Day Prophets Notebook Pages from LDS Notebooking - search their whole site to find a lot of other great printables to use in your gospel studies!

Teaching Children Honesty from Women in the Scriptures - a month long study using Church resources to teach your children about honesty. The lessons only take about 15-25 minutes a day. Heather explains in her Mom's Missionary Training Center post how she came to create these Christ-like attribute studies for her children using the Preach My Gospel manual as her starting point. Teaching Children Honesty is the first study she has posted. She'll be sharing the others periodically so I recommend following her blog so you'll know when a new study is posted!

Misty at J&M Ranch is posting resources she has utilized with her children. Currently she has posted:
  1. LDS Trace and Color For Beginning Readers
  2. A Study of Faith in One Semester
  3. Trace and Write LDS Prophets and Apostles
  4. LDS Classical Education Booklist
  5. Sample LDS Based Robinson Curriculum Plans
  6. Pre-Creative Writing Worksheets
Walk Beside Me Preshool Curriculum from Confessions of a Slacker Mom has lessons for all 26 letters of the alphabet which are tied to a church topic: Y is for Alma the Younger, T is for Tithing, P is for Prophets, etc. There are tons of printables with each lesson!

Gospel Learning on Your Lap has created lapbooks that teach gospel principles like Following God's Plan, Follow the Prophet, and Baptism. The lapbooks were created to correlate with last year's monthly Primary themes but can be used anytime.

For your teens how about these Nature of the Godhead worksheets from Ashley at Apples 4 Bookworms? Great to use at home to reinforce January's topic for Sunday School and YM/YW..

I love how we can share and help one another on our homeschooling journey. I am appreciative to those who so willingly share their talents for the benefit of others. Do you know of other great LDS resources out there? Leave them in the comments and I'll add them to the post.

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Krista Raven said...

Thank you adding to homeschool wonderfuls!!!!

Mama Rachel said...

AWESOME post, Cocoa! This is just what I've been looking for. :-)


Cindy said...

this is an amazing list!

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

Thanks, these are going to be a blessing to my kids. What a fantastic bunch of resources!

Jennifer said...

Ditto what everyone has already said! Thank you so much for putting this all in one great post!!