January 2, 2013

New Year - New Goals

Have you seen this video yet?

I found it very interesting to watch.

I think the part that I really took away though as I watched it was this:

I waste a lot of time trying to change the things I did a loooong time ago.  I set goals and then I try for about a month and the next year I pull them out and dust them off, then I beat myself up, and instead of trying to change where I went wrong, I set the SAME ones again.

Maybe this year I need to change my goals as I go along.  Or maybe I need to set more realistic goals.  Let me give you an example...

We recently moved to a place that is 2 1/2 hours away from where we lived before.  This just so happens that means that we are only 15 min from a temple.  Our goal previously was to attend the temple 4 times a year.  Once every 3 months.  We did really good at this, but was it still realistic in our new home? 

I say No.

We changed it to mean that we did date night at the temple AT LEAST once a month.  We have lived here for just over 2 months and it has been wonderful to be able to attend more often. 

This would not be possible if I was not willing to change my goals.

Then I got to thinking about the goals my children set.

Do I set them up to fail?

Do I let them set unrealistic goals so far out there that it is hard to attain or work towards them?

So, I sat down and made a little worksheet for them as they try to work out what they want to do.  I tried to include a few areas of their life.  I want them to brainstorm a few ideas.  For example:  Under the heading "Goals about Education" they could say things like, finish my grade 8 and move onto grade 9 math, read ___ many books, be happier and approach my learning with a happy face, or whatever they want to improve on this year education wise.

I purposely worded things so that I could also use this worksheet for my goals.  I want to be able to work some out that will be flexible, but also more worthy goals for this year.

I am going to use mine for our FHE this Monday.  We need to have goals, and I am excited to see my children set good goals for this year.

Here is the worksheet.  Just click and save to your computer.  Print from there.  It is a full size jpeg.

Jaime is a boy raising, garden planning, meal making, homeschooling mom of 3 boys.  This year, she hopes to attain some of her goals so that next year she can feel good about the ones she set this year!

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Mama Rachel said...

This is a WONDERFUL reminder! I want to rexamine how we set goals, too. Thanks for this great post!