February 9, 2013

Heart Maps

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. How about a different but fun project to do about what is in our hearts?

IMG_5004 heart map 02

Heart maps. These are so much fun to create! I did this idea with my seminary students and had such a good time seeing their creations I thought I'd do it with my kids too.

Draw a heart and divide it into sections.

IMG_5006 heart map 04IMG_5005 heart map 03

In each section draw or write something you love. Make it colorful! Use markers, crayons, colored pencils or even paint.

IMG_5008 heart map 05

Heart maps show at a glance the uniqueness of each individual as well as similarities we enjoy. These are good for students to have on hand for writing assignments as it gives them ideas on things they can write about that are more personal to them.

IMG_5002 heart map 01

This would be a great project to do for other topics:
  • favorite things about a certain season - use a different shape like a sun for summer or a leaf for autumn
  • a gratitude list
  • books you've read
  • memorable events in your life

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Carlia said...

I really like this idea! I think we will do this on Valentine's day. Thank you!