June 11, 2013

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Activities for Children of All Ages

Grade 7 Math Worksheets – Math worksheets you can print for your 7th grader

Reading Key – “The fastest and easiest way to improve reading ability in any age student!” – This is a PAID subscription to help your child read. I haven’t used it – so I can’t offer any advice. If anyone else has tried it – please share your ‘testimonial’ (good or bad) in the comments – please! :)

www.Teachervision.com – Another PAID Subscription. I have done this one. I love it. You have access to lesson plans, worksheets and writing ideas. LOVE IT!

Handwriting Worksheets – Great handwriting worksheets. (A good idea is to print them and then laminate them. Your child will be able to RE-USE THEM!!

HomeSpelling – I LOVE this resource. You sign up for free and add each of your children’s names. You can play the games and do the tests. It is pretty cool. I definitely recommend this one!

6th Grade Language ArtsPhonemic Awareness, Word Recognition and Fluency
Acquisition of Vocabulary  a years Lesson plan for Language Arts. Based on the Ohia State Standards. (but can be useful information for everyone.)

Schools on Wheels – has K-7th standards and worksheets for Language arts. This link will take you to the 6th grade ones.


Kidzone - Kindergarten words



Writing Prompts:

Think Quest – gives your student a story start and then they think up the rest of the story. I like to assign this to my children and then on their ‘private blogs’ they write their story. When they publish it it goes to just family members. It has been a great thing for all involved. (4th grade, 6th grade and 7th grade students)

Writing Prompts – Lots of different writing prompts to choose from.

Monthly by Day Writing Prompts – What happened on this day . .. then the children write about it.


Games and Fun Things to do:

Poptropica® is a safe online virtual world that entertains and informs millions of kids all around the world by engaging them in narrative quests and online games.

 Funbrain® is a popular online destination for interactive educational games for children of all ages. Engaging games help kids build skills while making learning fun.



Infoplease® provides an online encyclopediadictionaryand atlasas well as an almanac with up-to-date country and state profilesstatisticsquizzesand biographies.

Monster® combines reference materials, facts and trivia quizzes for kids on all subjects. Parents educators and kids can get homework help and access almanacs,  an encyclopedia, a dictionary and an atlas.


Make it a great one!!

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