July 14, 2013

What Ifs … of fear or of faith?

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I’ve been homeschooling for well over a decade now and each year about this time I see two familiar words popping up on homeschool group sites over and over again.

What if

These two words are always followed by something else.  Let me give you some examples -

  • What if I ruin my child?
  • What if my child can’t read by age whatever?
  • What if he isn’t “socialized”?
  • What if  I miss something he needs to learn?
  • What if he can’t go to college because of this choice?
  • What if he misses out?
  • What if he won’t do his work?
  • What if people think he is odd?
  • What if he hates Math?
  • What if I hate Math?
  • What if I’m not smart enough?
  • What if my child has a learning disability?
  • What if my child gets behind?

and on

and on

and on

I could address each of these What ifs mentioned above, but I’m not going to.  I want to address something I feel is more important.

It’s easy in this competitive world to be driven by fear  and anxiety.  Our doubts can affect our choices and tempt us to settle for what we feel is the “safer” alternative. I challenge you to change your perspective.

Imagine leaning on faith?   Imagine those two little words followed by hopeful acclimations of your faith?

  • What if my child thrives through homeschooling?
  • What if our bond becomes greater than I ever imagined?
  • What if my child develops a strong testimony at an early age?
  • What if my child’s favorite thing to read becomes the Scriptures?
  • What if my child discovers his God-given talents and has time to improve upon them?
  • What if my child loves Math and teaches me?
  • What if we have deep discussions that touch my child’s heart and make a positive impact on him forever?
  • What if my child is sheltered from negative peer pressure while he is growing his testimony and sense of self?
  • What if I am lead to a tutor that really helps my child in his love for learning?
  • What if my child is provided a safe and virtuous learning environment without bullies, and social smut for curriculum?
  • What if we choose to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost not only in what to teach but how to teach?
  • What if my child learns “the worth of souls” is not related to clothing, money, or popularity?
  • What if through the  power of the atonement I am enabled with means beyond my own to be a great teacher?

What if the future really is as bright as your faith?

Don’t you know that teaching is your responsibility?  That you are accountable whether you take on the task yourself or delegate it to another?

  • Teaching in the home is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, where the influence of the adversary is so widespread and he is attacking, attempting to erode and destroy the very foundation of our society, even the family. Parents must resolve that teaching in the home is a most sacred and important responsibility. While other institutions, such as church and school, can assist parents to “train up a child in the way he [or she] should go” (Proverbs 22:6),ultimately this responsibility rests with parentsAccording to the great plan of happiness, it is parents who are entrusted with the care and development of our Heavenly Father’s children. - L. Tom Perry

  • The best thing to do then and what we must do now is to avoid places where there is danger of physical or spiritual contagion. – Boyd K. Packer
  • As our children grow, they need information taught by parents more directly and plainly about what is and is not appropriate…Unfortunately, far too many parents in today’s world have abdicated the responsibility to teach these values and other Church doctrines to their families, believing that others will do it: the peer group, the school, Church leaders and teachers, or even the media. Every day our children are learning, filling their minds and hearts with experiences and perceptions that deeply influence personal value systems. – M. Russell Ballard
  • Moral values are being neglected and prayer expelled from public schools on the pretext that moral teaching belongs to religion. At the same time, atheism, the secular religion, is admitted to class, and our youngsters are proselyted to a conduct without morality. Boyd K. Packer

Have FAITH my friends!  Know that when you are given responsibility you are also given a way to accomplish what is placed before you.  Trust in the Lord!  Trust that He supports his own!  Trust that your prayers will be answered! Trust that he knows what your child will need for his future!  Trust that He knows how to prepare your child.

What if your child rises up to be everything his Father in Heaven has planned for him to be? And what if that would make you smile so big your face would break? What ifs don’t have to be filled with fear, they can be filled with faith in a bright future.


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* Quotes on teaching are taken from a previous post titled United Through Personal Revelation.

CTR shieldDana enjoys her 3 children, the oldest of which is serving a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ogden Utah.  They are loving their chickens, gardening, and air conditioning this summer. They have added a little excitement to their summer by their youngest bringing home a souvenir from Scout Camp (Lyme Disease) but joy abounds and God is good.

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Leilani said...

Thank you. I needed this.

Amy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. The to "what ifs" have been on my mind so much lately as the public school is sending out all their announcements. . and this year for the first time, my son won't be going back. I needed so badly to read those faithful "what ifs." Thank you, again.

Andrea said...

This is perfect. Thank you.

Tanna said...

I LOVE this! Thank You!

Jamie Jo said...

LOVE this!!!

Thank you, what a simple way to turn all the negatives around!