September 13, 2013

Our Morning Devotional–What’s Working for Us

We incorporated Circle Time a few months ago, and it has been so successful!  I have no doubt that it’s success is due to how we have incorporated the gospel into our morning routine!

We use this program for Family Home Evening – Found HERE (which I highly recommend, it makes having FHE on a regular basis so much easier!)

Our Family Goal for 2013---Never miss a single family home evening this year...use this and start weekly testimony bearing to each other as well and keeping her own little weekly journal along the way, all to prep the (not so) Little for her baptism in just over 1 year---  FHE Lessons to go with 2013 Primary Sharing Time theme

(My children are 2, 4 and 7)

We then incorporate the monthly song into our daily circle time.  Singing it is the first thing we do each morning, followed by a morning prayer.

Then we work on our Article of Faith for memorization and sing the Article of Faith song that goes with it.

My oldest then reads from the Storied Scriptures out loud.

It is so very simple, but it gets us off to a great start each and every day.  If we skip it for some reason, I can feel the difference in how our day goes.

Best of all, I hear the kids throughout the day singing the primary song and repeating the Articles of Faith they have memorized thus far (we are currently on number 3).

Here are some great resources for Article of Faith memorization -


Activity Sheets

There is no specific way to incorporate devotion into your homeschool day, but it is obvious to me the blessings that pour out when we do!

To see what else is included in our circle time check out my circle time post and our daily schedule post at my blog. 

Jen is a mother to 3 boys with a girl on the way (due Oct 28th).  She is finishing up her second official year of homeschooling. She has a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education and worked with young children for many years before having her own. She likes to read, cook and get crafty. She is an Usborne Books Consultant and blogs at Chestnut Grove Academy.

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Ooh!! What a great book! I followed the link the but the "download here" link seems to be broken. :(

Jen Altman said...

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