March 29, 2014

GIRL Power!!

I am so excited about the General Women's Meeting for conference this year!

In years past, as I sat at the Relief Society broadcast, I felt the strength and power of the women of the church. I loved knowing that although I am not in the same state as my sisters they were watching too. We were all in it together. And together we were stronger.

This year, not only my mother and sisters will be watching with me from afar, but my nieces, and my very own daughter who just turned eight! I am so inspired by the strength of the younger generation and know that they are my sisters in the Gospel. I can't wait to feel what it will be like uniting in purpose and song with ALL my sisters. Young and old.

Will you be there tonight? I know that our Father knows his daughters and knows our day and he will
 have messages for us all. So gather up your sisters for the ultimate Girl's Night Out!!

I found this awesome link for ways to share an invite about the conference. It has videos, facebook pics, etc. Let's make sure no one forgets to fill their lamp tonight.

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Kate said...

What an amazing meeting that was! I felt the Spirit very strongly from the opening hymn all the way through to the closing prayer! I loved the messages that we ALL have something to give to each other as sisters and daughters of God!

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

I loved it! A lot of emphasis was on unity and I felt it. I really felt the spirit strongly and my hope for the future is brighter either this new direction. I see how it can work and it really is an improvement. My little 4 and 2 year old daughters danced to the songs sung by the choir while I watched the meeting at home. I'm so looking forward to attending with my daughters when they are 8!